Puri Vip Floors - Resale Price List

PURI VIP Floors Welcome

3 BHK Apartments ( Ground Floor):

The 3bhk Puri floor starts from 75 Lacs Onwards, this project have beautiful landscape and this project also surrounded with lavishing landscaped greens. This project has great transport facilities. By choosing these residential floors residents surely enjoy their life. The original book is now closed and the resale option is available. All the applicable charges shall be payable as per the rules.

3 BHK (First Floor):

This residential floor units starts from 70 lacs, if you choose this you definitely enjoy your life because the surrounding green view offer great look. It is the best choices for the small families and this residential unit also available in resale.

3 BHK (Second Floor):

It is the cost effective choices to enjoy luxuries lifestyle, this residential units starts from 65 lacs. These residential floors is designed to offer ultimate lifestyle to the people and it is completely differs from the previous residential development now it is available in resale only.

4 BHK + Servant Room (Ground Floor):

This residential FLOORS options starts from 95 lacs and the price of the residential floors units also differs based on the facilities and other features available in the units

4 BHK + Servant Room (First Floor)

It is the best investment choices for the people who consider their budget because this residential unit available at 90 lacs onwards, the concept and design of this residential floors is completely differs and it is the finest choices for the people to enjoy lot. The lavishing green area offer great relaxation. By choosing this residential area you can enjoy lot. This residential unit is available for sale.

4 BHK + Servant Room (Second Floor):

This residential floors units available at pleasing rates like its starts from 85 lacs, the entire project is Surrounded with landscaped greens that offer stunning look. You can enjoy the natural views in the second floor that gives great relaxation. This option is now available in resale only. These are the available properties, so you may consider taking all the information to choose the best properties as per your needs. Before going to choose the best property you may consider to refer the complete property reviews that help to understand all the details about the property. With the help of this you can easily analyze the price details of the residential Puri VIP Floors.

Puri VIP Floors available at reasonable rates, this project is mainly developed to offer great lifestyle to the people, even it comes with modern facilities. There are different residential choices available; the price of the units also varies based on the facilities.

3 BHK residential units starts from 65 lacs, it will be varying based on features available in the floors. Especially price of the residential units will be differing based on the area. So you have many chances to choose the most suitable property to enjoy your entire lifestyle.

4 + 1 BHK apartments starts from 95 lacs, and the price will be vary depends up on the facilities and total area covered by the units. The charges will be changed according to the policy, so you may consider the official web portal to find out the exact price details. While buying these residential floors you need to pay tax charges, registration charges, stamp charges and other charges.

3 BHK 300 sq.yds. 1445 sq.ft. Ground Floor Rs. 35,74,360 1,71,955 1,00,000   2,16,750 40,63,065/- + ?
3 BHK 300 sq.yds. 1445 sq.ft. First Floors Rs. 32,24,199 1,71,955 1,00,000   2,16,750 37,12,904/- + ?
3 BHK 300 sq.yds. 1445 sq.ft. Second Floor Rs. 28,74,037 1,71,955 1,00,000 3,00,000 2,16,750 36,62,742/- + ?
4 + 1 BHK 500 sq.yds. 2155 sq.ft. Ground Floor Rs. 58,12,574 2,91,680 1,00,000   3,23,250 6527504/- + ?
4 + 1 BHK 500 sq.yds. 2155 sq.ft. First Floors Rs. 52,17,255 2,91,680 1,00,000   3,23,250 5932185/- + ?
4 + 1 BHK 500 sq.yds. 2155 sq.ft. Second Floor Rs. 49,79,128 2,91,680 1,00,000 5,00,000 3,23,250 6194058/- + ?
  1. All the other additional charges such as PLC, UCC, EDC & IDC, Car Parking, IFMS, Club Charges, Power back-up Installation charges and FFC & EEC will be charged extra.
  2. If there is any change or revision in the EDC then it will charged according to the policy.
  3. Registration Charges, Service Tax Charges Stamp charges and all other charges applicable will be charged extra.